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3D - Tune In - PNG - rev.“Jennifer is a great story teller who effectively captures moments, making them fresh to the imagination.” – The Rebecca Review

TUNE IN helps you FIND YOUR MUSIC and Intentionally Curb Stress, Boost Morale and Restore Health.

 Published by Hugo House Publishers in Denver, Colorado.

$9.99 eBook

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TUNE IN will teach you:
  • How to find the music that will help you change your emotional state in a short period of time….
  • How to find new music and why…
  • How to use music to help you boost your mood and decrease your stress (and many other change possibilities)…
  • How to share music with those you care about (even miserable people)…
  • The role of music in health care and education (and how it is changing the landscape of health care and learning)……
  • and SO MUCH MORE including how to use music with your team at work


Don Felder, Jennifer BuchananDon Felder, lead guitarist from the EAGLES says:

“Jennifer has introduced me to the miracles that music therapy can perform. She has through her work touched many people in ways that could only be accomplished with both her special gift and her music. Jennifer has shown me with my own eyes what wonders music therapy can perform for people.
I’ve seen the beauty that can arise in the hearts of those that can not be reached by other types of therapy and yet they respond to the magic of music. Thank you Jennifer for giving me and all those that have had the benefit of your work one of the most heart warming experiences of my life.”
Don Felder,
Lead Guitarist with the Eagles,
1974 – 1980 and 1994 to 2001
Jennifer is one on Canada’s most talented and inspirational platform presenters. She brings a rare combination of musical expertise and insights into human motivation, which makes her one of the most in-demand and dynamic communicators in the speaking profession today.
Brian Lee CSP, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Custom Learning Systems Group Lt
“Like music, Jennifer’s TUNE IN message is universal – it reaches people worldwide.”  

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Presentations based on Jennifer’s new book TUNE IN are available in KeyNote, Seminar and retreat formats.
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“Warning! Jennifer’s passion for Music Therapy is extremely contagious – in a very good way. Anyone who’s ever spent time with her immediately wants to support the amazing work her and other music therapists provide. “
Christian Hall
National Program Manager – Harvard Broadcasting